High voltage electric motor IC611 and IC616 structure is different?

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Cooling methods IC611 and IC616 are two common ways of air-air cooling high voltage motor, but what is the difference between the two cooling modes? How to correctly choose the cooling mode of the motor? This kind of problem makes many motor customers very confused, and it is not a good choice when selecting motor. Langrui motor as a Chinese electric motor manufacturer explains the difference:

Comparison of cooling methods IC611 and IC616

The letter code IC is the abbreviation of InternationalCooling (InternationalCooling), and the motor cooling method code is mainly composed of cooling method symbol (IC), cooling medium loop layout code, cooling medium code and the driving method code of cooling medium movement.

The first number after IC code, is the loop layout code of the cooling medium, 6 refers to the motor is equipped with cooler and the medium in the surrounding environment, the primary cooling medium is circulated in the closed loop, and through the external cooler installed on the motor, the heat generated by the motor operation is transferred to the surrounding environment.

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Supporting air-air cooler motor, cooling medium for air, code A, omitted in the code description, IC611 and IC616 two cooling mode of the medium are air.

The second and third digits in the code are the codes for the driving mode of primary cooling and secondary cooling media respectively, where:

The number "1" refers to the medium in the process of self-circulation, the movement of the cooling medium is related to the motor speed, or due to the role of the rotor itself, or the role of the overall fan or pump dragged by the rotor, to promote the medium movement.

The number "6" means that the medium needs to be driven by an independent part installed on the motor. The power required by the part has nothing to do with the speed of the host, such as backpack fan or fan.

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According to the China electric motor manufacturer, in terms of motor appearance, IC611 motor is equipped with an independent fan that rotates simultaneously with the rotor of the motor at the non-shaft end, and the radiator installed on the top of the motor together constitutes the heat dissipation system of the motor, without the need to be equipped with an independent fan. IC616 cooling mode motor, cooler is equipped with independent operation of the fan, motor operation needs independent power supply and work with the motor at the same time, the cooling effect of the cooler has nothing to do with the speed of the motor. Variable frequency motor can only be configured with cooler according to IC616, while power frequency motor can be selected according to actual demand.