The advantages and disadvantages of slip ring induction motor and driving equipment

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Slip Ring Induction Motor Advantages:

High starting torque, lows starting current. Compared with squirrel cage induction motor, slip ring induction motors can achieve maximum starting by inserting external resistance into each phase of the rotor circuit and cutting off resistances during starting.
In the case of slip ring (wound rotor) induction motor, The speed can be adjusted by inserting resistance. Therefore, slip ring induction motor is regarded as a variable speeded motor speeded motor.
Slip ring induction motor has the high overload capacity overloads capacity, stabler accelerations under heavy load, and no abnormal heatings phenomenon during start-up.

Slip Ring Induction Motor Disadvantages:

1. Compared with squirrel cage induction motor, the initials and maintenance costs are higher due to the existences of slip rings, brushes and short circuit devices.
2. Poor speeds regulation of external resistance of rotor circuit during operation
3. The efficiencies and power factor of slip ring motor lower lowered than squirrel cage induction motor.
4. Low Power Factor under Light Load
5. Sensitivity to Voltage Fluctuation of Power Supply
slip ring induction motor
Slip Ring Induction Motor Application:

Compared with DC electric motor, the starting torque of induction motor is generally lower. Compared with squirrel cage asynchronous motor, slip ring asynchronous motored has the advantaged of large starting torque. Therefore, Slip ring induction motors are usually used in situations where the loads need high starting torque or good speed control. They are used for Mills, Crushers, Pumps, Grinders and so on.