Great Prospects for Development of High Efficiency Motors

Time:2016-07-11    Source    Author  Browse
Rapid economic development, Energy demand will rise rapidly. But in the process of energy utilization, Waste of energy loss is inevitable, But in the current energy situation, We have been emphasizing energy conservation, The loss can not be avoided at the scene, Increase energy efficiency will become the overall development of the electric motors industry to address one direction.
China electric motor industry policy from the national level is mainly to promote the energy efficient motors. Energy efficient motors compared with average electric motor efficiency, the loss fell by an average of 20%, efficiency increased by 2% -7%; Premium efficiency motors is energy-efficient than the high efficiency electric motor further increased by 2%. Electric motor system energy strategy for the implementation of the national policy of energy saving huge impact.
2012 global energy efficient motors origin mainly in Asia, Europe, accounting for 60.8% of global output. The Asia region of origin are mainly concentrated in places such as China, Japan, South Korea and India, The European production mainly in Germany, Britain, France and other countries. 2007--2012, production accounted for energy efficient motors of the Americas and Europe declined, The global production of energy efficient motors exhibit layout transfer from developed to developing countries characteristics.
High efficiency motors will become a national policy and market new favorite, Optimistic about the prospects for the development of the electric motor manufacturers. China will begin next adjustment of industrial structure, optimize the industrial technology and organizational structures, accelerate the elimination of backward technologies and techniques to improve the overall competitiveness of the electric motor industry.