Chamber of Commerce Members Between the Complementary Advantages of the Meeting

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Zibo City Machinery Chamber of Commerce members of the advantages of complementary symposium held in Huapu Electric Motor Factory.

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March 20, 2017 morning, Zibo City Chamber of Commerce members of the advantages of complementary needs between the docking forum in the Huapu Electric Motor Group held.

General Assembly by the Chamber of Commerce Secretary-General Mr. Zhang presided over, He stressed that members of the Chamber of Commerce to achieve complementary advantages, strong combination, and jointly build enterprise brand alliance platform, the future competition will be complementary advantages of competition, platform competition. Member units to watch the Huapu Electric Motor Factory video, Group Chairman Mr. Han details of the enterprise development, project planning and enterprise core products, and pointed out that the forum will enhance the joint collaboration between enterprises and complementary advantages, To promote the business members of the Chamber of Commerce bigger and stronger, and promote the sustainable development of enterprise product brand, the Chamber of Commerce members of the common development of enterprises to a new level.

Director of the Institute of Agricultural Machinery Gong Yumin also expressed appreciation for the docking forum, and with the Chamber of Commerce member units visited the Huapu Electric Motor Factory, the last Chamber of Commerce Secretary Zhang Mingming summed up the members of the complementary advantages of resources, Especially in recent years through the Chamber of Commerce this platform, channel more and more smooth, more and more strong mutual trust, member units more and more space cooperation, I believe that through this docking session will be able to further activate the machinery industry between the vitality of the enterprise And creativity.