Pakistan Customer Visit Shandong Huapu Electric Motor Factory

Time:2016-09-29    Source    Author  Browse
Shandong Huapu electric motor factory welcomes Saeed to visit our company. Our company in November 2014 for Saeed has provided 1 set 630kw squirrel cage induction motor, It is used in the textile industry compressor motor. After one year of continuous operation after the motor is running very well. Its original use of the brand is WEG motors, He decided to use our motor instead of the WEG brand motor.

The purpose of Saeed's consideration is to re-purchase the second air compressor motor, Later there will be further cooperation.

630kw squirrel cage induction motors technical data as follows:
Rated voltage: 400V
Rated power: 630kw
Rated speed: 2980rpm
Protection grade: IP54
Insulation class: F
Duty: S1
Model Number: YKK450-2
Ambient Temperature: 50