Electric Motor Manufacturers Recommend Regular Maintenance Electric Motors

Time:2016-08-23    Source    Author  Browse

In order to ensure the normal operation of the electric motor, in addition to follow the rules of normal use, during the operation of monitoring and maintenance of normal attention, It should also be checked regularly, motor maintenance work. This can eliminate some of the problems in a timely manner, preventing failure from occurring, to ensure safe and reliable operation of the motor. HP electric motor as a professional electric motor manufacturers has many years of experience in manufacturing and maintenance experience, HP electric motor factory recommend regular maintenance as follows:

1.Wiping motor. The timely removal of the motor frame external dust, sludge. 

2.Check and wiping the motor terminals. Check the wiring box binding screws are not loose.

3.Check the fixing screw portion includes anchor bolts, screw cover, bearing cover screws.

4.Check the transmission device, check the pulley or coupling without damage, installation is strong.

5.Electrical motor start device, also want to clear in time to wipe the external dust, check the connection parts, ground wire are in good condition.

6.Inspection and maintenance of the bearing. Bearing in use for some time should be cleaned, replace the grease or oil. Cleaning and oil change, should work with the motor, the working environment, cleanliness, type of lubricant, usually after every 3-6 months, it should be washed once and to replace the grease.

7.Check the insulation condition. Insulating ability of the insulating material due to different degree of drying vary, so check the electrical motor windings drying is very important. Motor wet work environment, workplace factors such as the presence of corrosive gases will destroy the electrical insulation. The most common is winding ground fault, that damage to the insulation, the charged portion of the chassis and other metal parts should not be charged collide, this failure occurs, not only affect the motor work, but also endanger their personal safety. Therefore, electric machine in use, should always check the insulation resistance, but also pay attention to see whether the motor chassis ground reliable.

In general, as long as the motor is used correctly, proper maintenance, fault was found in time, the working life of the electric motor is very long.